AdWords success is an aggregation of marginal gains

AdWords is a competition. You compete against other advertisers to appear in the top ad spots, and get the most clicks for the cheapest possible price.

The only way to win, is to be better than everyone else. More efficient than everyone else. More relevant than everyone else. To have a better offer and a better experience than everyone else.

The only way to be better than everyone else is to execute on every little detail – and to execute it better than everyone else.

This is why I spend so much time paying attention to small details. They are the only thing that will get you ahead.

AdWords success is only achieved through continually working to achieve small, incremental improvements of 1-2%. These small improvements eventually become the most efficient campaign, hitting the most targeted traffic, with the best possible ad copy, at the cheapest cost-per-click.

Castles are built out of bricks, and you’ve got to lay them one by one.


If you put in the same amount of time and effort as everyone else, you are only ever going to get the same results.

But if you put in that extra 1-2% every day, after even just a few weeks, you’re going to be so far ahead that they can’t catch up.