An Archictect’s Eye Of Mexico City, with Vicky Navarro

I was pleased to stumble across across the photos of Vicky Navarro. Vicky’s photos capture the urban life in Mexico City through the angular perspective of a designer and architect, noticing the shapes and hard lines of the city.

Today’s featured Instagram map show’s vicky’s posts throughout Mexico and California over the last year.

Get lost with almost 100 of Vicky’s photos in the downtown sprawl of Mexico city. Zoom in to street-level, and you’ll notice that there aren’t many streets that she hasn’t explored.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.38.01 pm

🎶 Buena Vista Social Club | Chan Chan La familia ❤️✨

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Places where you want to go back, Antigua 🌿✨ #themayanroadtrip #VisitGuatemala #GlobalYodel

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