#JimmyEatsAmerica – @jimmyeatsw0rld Eats His Way Across The USA

Last year, my friend, travel photographer, and food blogger, Jimmy Dau set off on a road trip to eat his way across the USA. Jimmy mentioned to me before he left that he thought it was cool to build a map that would trace his journey across America using his photos from Instagram, inspiring me to build the Embeddable Instagram Maps tool.

I didn’t get the tool built in time, but Jimmy’s road trip went on anyway, as he ate his way through tailgates and BBQ joints across the country.

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Instagram Relaxes List Of Censored Hashtags. Hello #SexualWednesdays

Since The Data Pack revealed a list of censored and unsearchable Instagram hashtags in August, it appears that the social photo sharing service has reviewed its list of hashtags that will return results when searched using the app’s Explore tab, or via Instagram’s developer API.

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The Banned #Hashtags Of Instagram

Update: Instagram appears to have relaxed the list of blocked an unsearchable hashtags. See the updated list of banned and newly searchable tags.

In a previous post we wrote about how thousands of Instagram users are risking identity theft by publishing photos of their full, unobscured identification on hashtags like #license and #passport. This raised the question, should Instagram prevent searches on hashtags like #license and #passport to protect unwitting users from identity theft.

Instagram already blocks searches like #proanorexia and #thinspiration in the name of protecting users, but the photo sharing service is also known to block searches on hashtags that may contain lewd or pornographic content like #porn and #ass. This got us wondering what other hashtags Instagram blocks users from searching.

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Is Instagram An Identity Theft Goldmine?

The personal details, including home addresses and dates of birth of thousands of Instagram users have been unwittingly shared on publicly searchable hashtags.

Anyone who has used Instagram knows the social photo-sharing service is ripe for over-sharing, with many users becoming slightly too comfortable photo-blogging their every meal, or posting one too many selfies. But has a complacency with over-sharing left many users exposed to online fraud or even identity theft? And should Instagram do anything about it?

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