An Archictect’s Eye Of Mexico City, with Vicky Navarro

I was pleased to stumble across across the photos of Vicky Navarro. Vicky’s photos capture the urban life in Mexico City through the angular perspective of a designer and architect, noticing the shapes and hard lines of the city.

Today’s featured Instagram map show’s vicky’s posts throughout Mexico and California over the last year.

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Ahmet Dogan’s Gorgeous Photos From Kyrgyzstan

I came across Ahmet Dogan’s photos while browsing through the #CentralAsia tag on Instagram, looking for inspiration for a road trip across the “-stans” later this year.

Ahmet’s incredible landscapes opened my eyes to the beauty of a country that I barely knew existed a year ago. Thanks to Ahmet, I am more than excitd to experience Kyrgyzstan for myself.

Ahmet mostly posts superb landscapes from the region surrounding Kyrgyzstan’s capital, Bishkek, but the map of his photos over the past year documents his trips across the country. He also seems to have a thing for squirrels.

Follow @ahmetdogankg on Instagram, and build your own Instagram map widget for your blog or website.

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NOMADasaurus’ Epic Journey Across Asia

NOMADasaurus is the blog and adventure saga of photographer Alesha Bradford and writer Jarryd Salem. The couple have been travelling together since 2008, and writing about their journey since 2014, covering an impressively diverse collection of destinations.

Today’s featured Instagram map traces Jarryd and Alesha’s Instagram journey in 2015, beginning in South East Asia, before heading north through China, and across Mongolia and Central Asia before landing in Eastern Europe at the end of the year.

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@EverydayDPRK – A Map Of Instagram Photos Inside North Korea

I have a fascination with unfamiliar places. My curiosity is sparked by anywhere that seems foreign, and unknown – and places don’t get much more unfamiliar than North Korea.

EverydayDPRK is a collaboration between several photographers and Instagrammers with access to North Korea, including @drewkelly @sunbimari @andrea_uri @simonkoryo and  @soominee – a mix of university teachers, travel professionals, and delegate to the DPRK – who share photos of everyday life inside the secretive state.

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#JimmyEatsAmerica – @jimmyeatsw0rld Eats His Way Across The USA

Last year, my friend, travel photographer, and food blogger, Jimmy Dau set off on a road trip to eat his way across the USA. Jimmy mentioned to me before he left that he thought it was cool to build a map that would trace his journey across America using his photos from Instagram, inspiring me to build the Embeddable Instagram Maps tool.

I didn’t get the tool built in time, but Jimmy’s road trip went on anyway, as he ate his way through tailgates and BBQ joints across the country.

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