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Create beautiful maps of your Instagram photos to share and embed on your blog or website.

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The Data Pack’s embeddable Instagram map builder lets you create beautiful maps of your Instagram feed, to share your journeys as a responsive map widget on any page of your blog or website.

My trip across Ukraine in February 2016

Choose a date range – Create a map that displays the most recent photos from your feed, or set a date range to share your travel photos.

Filter with a hashtag – Only want to map your photos with a particular hashtag? Use the optional hashtag filter to share all of your #nom food snaps, or your latest #travel pics.

Choose your map style – Choose a map theme that matches your style. We’ve included several custom map styles from Snazzy Maps to get you started. If you’d like to see a particular style added, let me know.


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When my friend, photographer and food blogger Jimmy Dau set off on a road trip at the end of 2015, he asked me if it would be possible to create a map that would plot his Instagram journey as he ate his way across North America.

I didn’t get the map built in time, but Jimmy’s road trip across America was the inspiration for this project. Here’s how it looked from Instagram.

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