@EverydayDPRK – A Map Of Instagram Photos Inside North Korea

I have a fascination with unfamiliar places. My curiosity is sparked by anywhere that seems foreign, and unknown – and places don’t get much more unfamiliar than North Korea.

EverydayDPRK is a collaboration between several photographers and Instagrammers with access to North Korea, including @drewkelly @sunbimari @andrea_uri @simonkoryo and  @soominee – a mix of university teachers, travel professionals, and delegate to the DPRK – who share photos of everyday life inside the secretive state.

The account offers a rare window into the lives of ordinary North Koreans, a side of the country that is unseen in official state photography, or captured by tourists on carefully stage-managed tours around the country.

Pyongyang traffic police, with attitude. @andrea_uri

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A lesson on satellites is taught at a high school English class in Pyongsong, North Korea. Photo by @andrea_uri

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Two men wait for their work unit in front of Mansudae Grand Monument. Photo by @drewkelly

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