Instagram Relaxes List Of Censored Hashtags. Hello #SexualWednesdays

October 27, 2013

Since The Data Pack revealed a list of censored and unsearchable Instagram hashtags in August, it appears that the social photo sharing service has reviewed its list of hashtags that will return results when searched using the app’s Explore tab, or via Instagram’s developer API.

Users have always been able to add any hashtag to photos, but as The Data Pack’s list revealed, hashtags containing certain words returned no results when searched by users, and returned a “400 This tag cannot be viewed” error via the Instagram API.

The original list revealed that Instagram was blocking users from searching any hashtag that contained particular words, rather than blocking individual hashtags, resulting in seemingly benign hashtags like #foodorgasm returning no search results.

Using a similar API script as was used to create the original list in August, along with reader hashtag submissions, The Data Pack has sourced an updated list of blocked and unsearchable hashtags, as well as a list of newly searchable hashtags that were previously blocked by Instagram.

The new list reveals that a small number of words have been removed from Instagram’s filter list, however a majority of blocked words identified in the original list remain unsearchable, mostly relating to crude or pornographic content.

Instagram also appears to have relaxed restrictions on hashtags related to self-harm images and eating disorders. While hashtags like #thinspo and #thinspiration were previously unsearchable, Instagram now returns a full set of search results, along with a content advisory warning and a link to the National Eating Disorders Association.

Now Allowed

Still Censored